Fairy Godbottom – Episode #4: “Condoms” – WehoLife

Cinderella had a Fairy Godmother, so why can’t he?
In episode 4, Brian tries to enjoy some 1 on 1 with his boo, but not before his Fairy Godbottom reminds him of the importance of condoms even while being on PrEP. 
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Hail to the Chef! LA LGBT Center hosts the 12th Annually Simply diVine event – WehoLife

The Premier Annual Food and Wine Tasting Event is back on March 25th, serving delicious eats and libations for the LGBT community and their allies.
Hungry just thinking about it.
For tickets and more info, visit simplydivinela.org

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Truvada Man – First Date – WehoLife

You got enough to worry about on a first date, don’t let HIV get in the way. Don’t forget Truvada Man – here to save your very gay day!

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Truvada Man – Bear Picnic – WehoLife

“Hooray! It’s Me, Truvada Man!
Doing everything Truvada can!
I’m here because I wanna save the day!
And make mean ole HIV stay far away!
Gosh, golly, gee all the boys say I’m swell!
Cuz they know I keep their dong and butts well!”

Find MORE info about ME and PrEP here!

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