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WeHo LIFE Presents: Speed Dating With The Stars! Episode 1 – Tiddlywinks and Tilda Too

Ever wanted to go on a date with Tilda Swinton?! Well now you can for 60 whole seconds with WeHo LIFE!

Golly, ain’t she something?

If you liked it, you should have put a ring on it beesh!


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The West Hollywood Homeless Initiative

As homeless increases throughout the LA Basin, West Hollywood and the Los Angeles LGBT Center are working hard to connect the homeless with much needed services.


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Sufjan Stevens releases music video for Call Me By Your Name melody, “Mystery of Love”

Sufjan Stevens, a master of emotional symphonic melodies, penned the beautiful soundtrack to the Luca Guadagnino’s mesmerizing and painfully moving 2017 sleeper hit, Call Me By Your Name. Just released, we are now lucky enough to have a video to accompany the song, filled with memorable cuts from the film.

If you haven’t seen the movie, do yourself a favor and see it, it’s a must-see.

Check out the video below:

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Being Alive Hosts Substance Free Drop In Safe Space for NYE 2018

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WeHo Fights Stigma – Let’s Get To Zero Together!



Learn more about PrEP
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PrEP Men’s Group in WeHo

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U.S. STD rates hit record in 2016


The CDC reports rates rose steepest among men at 22%, with 470,000 cases reported by men who have sex with men (msm).

Check out the article from Towleroad below:

STDs in U.S. Surge to Record High; Gonorrhea and Syphilis See Steep Increases Among Gay Men

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Center meth recovery services manager Mike Rizzo pens article exploring meth in the gay community

An important article profiling the meth problem within the gay community, that some say has seen a resurgence in recent years. Mike Rizzo, LA LGBT Center Crystal Meth Recovery Services manager contends, “What resurgence? It never went away”.

Detailing exactly this issue, Mike offers a glimpse into the problem in 2017.

An important read…

Crystal Meth: Three gay men talk candidly about their use and recovery

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Gay Marriage Matriarch Edith Windsor dies

Sad news on the LGBT equal rights front. Edith Windsor, who won the 2013 Supreme Court case against DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), thus granting gay couples equal marriage rights from “California to the New York island” , died today in Manhattan.

God bless this lady, one of my personal heros.

Check out the full article on Edith and her passing from the NY Times.

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A.I. has gaydar!

Think you have good gaydar ? Bet ya computer technology has got you beat.

Articles abound today profiling the work of two Stanford researchers who “used face recognition software trained on dating profile pictures ” to determine someone’s sexuality, just from their facial features. And guess what – looks like over 80% of the time they’re accurate!

To those who tout their gaydar prowess – perhaps this isn’t a surprise – yet imagine if it gets into the wrong hands. The consequences are concerning to say the least.

Click here and here to see the articles in full.



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